Welcome, Advent Season

KOP 2017 Advent Season



Autumn Behind Bars

Crank It Up!

Unknown Gadget

City Living I

Castle With A View

Champagne Supernova {Oasis}



Prickly XI


Autumn Coziness In A Jar

Southern Furniture

Back Row Calmness


Optical Illusion?

A. Davey. Builder.

Leafy Cradle

Ivy League

Red {Taylor Swift}

Tunes - Red

Autumn, Freckled

Autumn, Depressed

Autumn, Blushing

Red Poison

The Lighter Side Of Autumn

Enter The Enchanted Forest

Frozen {Madonna}

Crossing Lines

Follow The Red Leaf Road

All Along The Watchtower {Jimi Hendrix}

Desert Rose {Sting}

Hop In!

Comme Un Monet

View From The Top

View From The Top KOP

Access Denied


A, B, …


Coming Or Leaving?

Coming Or Leaving

Killed By Death {Motörhead}

Currently Not Required

Would Be Appreciated Right About Now

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

Have A Break

Food, Artified

Keeled Over

Pretty In Pink

Rained On

Prickly X

Fading Like A Flower {Roxette}

Summer Red

What If Life Gives You Lemons But You Have No Use For Lemonade?

Aging Diva

Who Kissed The Steps?


Balancing Act

There’s A Cake In Sight!

Garden Party

Old News

Everything’s Peachy


All In All It’s Just Another Brick In The Wall {Pink Floyd}

Happy Easter

Spring Meadow

Pastel Spring


Towering {London}



Done With

Season’s Greetings

Towering {London}



Desperately Seeking…


And So It Begins

When Life Gives You Lemons… Take A Picture!

Portobello Lunch

Trying To Get Through


Collecting Seeds

Green On Green

Half Full Or Half Empty?

Autumn, Skewered

Sunday Afternoon Autumn Light

Autumn Berries

Autumn Fun

Autumn’s Prickly Side

Last Performance In Dying Light V

Last Performance In Dying Light IV

Last Performance In Dying Light III

Last Performance In Dying Light II

Last Performance In Dying Light I

Last week I deadheaded some flowers, some in the pots on my balcony, others from a dying bunch in a vase. I was just about to chuck them in the bin when suddenly light from the sunset behind the house streamed in, all the way from the kitchen through to the living room, so I grabbed the camera and did a little impromptu series. I liked the thought of the dying flowers getting to do a last performance in dying light.


Still Standing

Possibly The Last Ones

Summer, Faded

Season’s Over

50 Shades Of Turquoise

Waiting For Cake

Waiting For The Cake

Autumn Encroaching Upon Summer

Full Of Beans