Storm Brewing

Autumn Breeze


5 thoughts on “Storm Brewing

  1. It’s autumn already 😉 It has been storming and raining a lot the last weeks in The Netherlands, but today and tomorrow will be sunny.

    These scenes are great for photography. Lovely captured!

    Warm regards,

    • Thank you, Tieme! It’s been a very windy and rainy week here. I’ll be traveling to Hamburg tomorrow where I suppose it’ll be even windier but I’m going to meet friends so I’ll just endure the weather 🙂

      • You’re welcome Kiki 🙂 I am sure your friends have a warm place for you 🙂

        And a little wine helps to beat this weather too 😉


      • Haha, I like Christmas markets because of the food. Love some barbecued sausages or schweinefleisch, not a big fan of glühwein though.

        Enjoy the market! Not sure if I am going to visit one this year.


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