Last Performance In Dying Light V



Last Performance In Dying Light IV


Last Performance In Dying Light III

Last Performance In Dying Light II

Last Performance In Dying Light I

Last week I deadheaded some flowers, some in the pots on my balcony, others from a dying bunch in a vase. I was just about to chuck them in the bin when suddenly light from the sunset behind the house streamed in, all the way from the kitchen through to the living room, so I grabbed the camera and did a little impromptu series. I liked the thought of the dying flowers getting to do a last performance in dying light.


Still Standing

Possibly The Last Ones

Summer, Faded

Season’s Over

50 Shades Of Turquoise

Waiting For Cake

Waiting For The Cake

Autumn Encroaching Upon Summer

Full Of Beans

Nestling Up

Fresh From The Garden

Floral Planetary System With Two Suns

The Joys Of Summer

Towering {Paris}

Oops, Must Have Taken A Wrong Turn Somewhere

Inner City Roadside Flowers

Too Much Heat

Heatwave Essentials

Tender Buds


Almost Ready For Picking

Ink Meets Flower

making an apPEARance


Standing Out From The Crowd

Toy Cars

Toy Cars

The Apple Orchard

A Life Without Joy Is Like A Long Journey Without An Inn

A Crumbly Indulgence

Climbing The Walls

Wheat Brushes

Colour In The Fields

Growing Wild

Anytime Food {Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner}

The Orangery. Or What’s Left Of It…

Towering {Dresden}

Beet It!

Taking Inventory

Like Walking Through A Blinding Flowerstorm

Prickly IX

Towering {Charleston}

Towering {Boston}

It’s All Just Ones And Zeros

By The Water XXI

By The Water XX

By The Water XIX

By The Water XVIII

By The Water XVII

By The Water XVI

By The Water XV

By The Water XIV

By The Water XIII

By The Water XII

By The Water XI

By The Water X

By The Water IX

By The Water VIII

By The Water VII

By The Water VI

By The Water V

By The Water IV

By The Water III

By The Water II

By The Water I

Making an exception today because I don’t usually like to add text to my posts on this blog. After several series like Prickly, By The Roadside, Towering and Rusty, I’d like to start a new one called By The Water. Why did I need to talk about it? Because a lot of the pics really are nothing special except for me as I always find being by the water very calming, no matter if it’s a pond, a lake, or the ocean, and no matter whether the water is calm, choppy, stormy or frozen . Maybe you’ll find some calm in this series, too.

By The Water I

Towering {Cologne}

Towering {London}

Hoping For Some Doors To Open This Year

Hoping For Doors To Open

Prickly VIII

Rusty IV

Rusty III

Rusty II

Rusty I

Season’s Greetings

Towering {Stuttgart}

Here Comes The Rain Again {Eurythmics}

Towering {Stuttgart}

Towering {Hamburg}

Storm Brewing

Start Of Advent Season

By The Roadside XXIV

By The Roadside XXIII

By The Roadside XXII

By The Roadside XXI

By The Roadside XX

By The Roadside XIX

By The Roadside XVIII

By The Roadside XVII

By The Roadside XVI

By The Roadside XV

By The Roadside XIV

By The Roadside XIII

By The Roadside XII

By The Roadside XI

By The Roadside X

By The Roadside IX

By The Roadside VIII