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Roadside Colours

Prickly XI

Keeled Over

Prickly X

Collecting Seeds

Green On Green

Nestling Up

Floral Planetary System With Two Suns

Prickly IX

Prickly VIII

By The Roadside XXIV

By The Roadside XXIII

By The Roadside XXII

By The Roadside XXI

By The Roadside XX

By The Roadside XIX

By The Roadside XVIII

By The Roadside XVII

By The Roadside XVI

By The Roadside XV

By The Roadside XIV

By The Roadside XIII

By The Roadside XII

By The Roadside XI

By The Roadside X

By The Roadside IX

By The Roadside VIII

By The Roadside VII

By The Roadside VI

By The Roadside V

By The Roadside IV

By The Roadside III

By The Roadside II

By The Roadside I

Prickly VII

Baby Echinacea

Balding Allium

Prickly VI

Echinacea Variations

First Harvest

Checkers Dahlia

Prickly V



Scabiosa VI [The Remains]

Scabiosa V

Scabiosa IV

Scabiosa III

Scabiosa II

Scabiosa I

Prickly II

Squirrel’s Lunch Leftovers

Prickly I